About Us

-A Firm Foundation

Since 1941, Young Life has been making a difference in the lives of teenagers around the world because we are invited and supported by adults who care about kids in their community. Our staff and volunteer leaders are trained in time-tested methods of relating with adolescents, and they are equipped by a world-class organization dedicated to effective ministry. Young Life is in more than 75 countries, reaching more than a million kids each year with the life-changing message that they are loved.

-Listening So Kids Will Hear

It’s not hard to pick up what kids are saying. They want to be respected and feel safe. They want to live life abundantly — and that means having massive doses of fun, but it also means discovering who they are and what they were made for. So, in Young Life we invite kids into respectful relationships and into more fun and adventure (at club and camp, for example) than they can imagine.

We also point them to the source of significance, respectfully inviting them to consider the life and words of a person named Jesus and the possible relevance of that person to their own lives.

We’re committed to doing what we do best for even more kids in more places.

-For Every Kid

Young Life is custom-made for kids throughout their adolescent years. Young Life is also the term we use for our program with high- school students, while we call our middle-school program WyldLife.

But Why Teenagers? Adolescence is a confusing transitional period where children are faced with the weight of entering adulthood without fully understanding the responsibility of their choices. In Portugal’s youth, we see:

-Suicide as the second cause of death among teens

-School drop out rates are one of the highest in Europe

-The percentage of dug consumption is increasing yearly

-Psychiatric diagnosis rates are becoming similar to that of adults

-And alcohol consumption is the biggest public health issue.

But, our experience and research show that teens with meaningful adult relationships are significantly less likely to experience these problems. That is why we are here!